Plantlet Propagation

Prairie Plant Systems' laboratory and greenhouse spaces, as well as our research and propagation services are available on a contract basis. Over three decades we have developed and perfected cloning techniques for numerous different plant types, and our expertise can be brought to bear on your project.

Our experienced and specialized staff give PPS the breadth of knowledge and expertise to complete virtually any contract. Our facilities include a laboratory, a state of the art greenhouse with 1,000 watt lights allowing for extended photo periods, and an area for field production.

From research to propagation, to introduction into the field, we're able to cover all your crop development needs. Our services also include seed collection, consulting for plant selection and drafting experimental project reports.

Advanced Environmental Control Systems

Advanced Environmental Control Systems

Our experience ranges from successful propagation contracts in the nutraceutical industry, to urban reclamation and habitat revegetation. The Department of Horticulture at the University of Saskatchewan, the Agriculture Food and Innovation Fund and many other partners have come to PPS with projects, and each time we have delivered.


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